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"SAVE THE WHALE" - original digital painting by Elma Ferreira.  

I had this dream about a tsunami hitting the southern tip of Africa, and because I am a good swimmer, I managed to find my way out (while at the same time saving some lives as I battled my way out of the maelstrom).  Still, in the dream, I passed this motley whale being caught between two huge rocks, staring at me as if to say "please save me".   Of course, it was impossible and time was of the essence to not only save me but to help others rise above the wave of destruction.  I half woke up, exhausted, lying on top of the mountain and staring at the devastation around me.  

However, when I realised I was awake and it was just a dream, I started crying for that whale.  How weird.  I cried for days, in fact.  In real time.  Until I realised the dream became me.  I was the whale that needed rescue.  I cried for myself.  Two wonderful ladies took me on my birthday (soon after the dream) on the cableway up to Table Mountain in Cape Town.  I have lived here for so long, but have never been up that mountain because of fear holding me back.  But once I conquered, I knew that the whale was freed.  I had to paint this picture to symbolise the struggle it took to "save the whale", but also the grace of the gentleness of the two persons that brought me back to the surface. 



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Canvas Print Size A3 420 x 297 x 25 mm Canvas Print Size A3 420 x 297 x 25 mm (Default print size) Original Digital Painting

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Save the whale

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