• Susanna Reay


The digital portrait was done using Wacom Intuos Pro  Drawing Tablet by © 2019 Elma Ferreira.

 Susanna is known as the colour queen and used to teach everybody everything they wanted to know about colours: The colour wheel, the emotions behind it, the effect on branding, clothing, mindset, the works.  So I took the liberty to digitally change one of her Facebook profile pictures to depict the person that I saw in her.



Portraits ordered on request. Complete this form to make a request for your very own portrait painting which can be ordered as an original canvas, canvas print, block mounted canvas print or buying the original electronic media.  Pricing will be different, depending on size and media.

Default selling price is for electronic media in high-quality resolution.

Masha - Original Size 445 x 445 x 25 mm Original Size 445 x 445 x 25 mm (Default Original Electronic Media)

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Susanna Reay

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