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The original painting was done in acrylics on canvas by © 2019 Elma Ferreira.

I grew up in Pretoria in South Africa, which is about 1400km away from Cape Town.  The first time the family came to Cape Town on holiday, I was about five or six years old, and I said that day that I will one day live in this awe-inspiring city at the foot of Africa, where the two greatest oceans of the world meet.  I have never stopped dreaming about moving to Cape Town.  Many many years later, I decided to paint this picture of little me, staring at Table Mountain, looking lost and longing for my dream to come true.  The painting was deliberately done so that I could look at it every day to remind me that my dream WILL come true.  A year after I have painted this painting, my house was sold and I moved to Cape Town.

When I arrived In Cape Town, I wrote the following: 

One should never stop dreaming. Never. To let go of the vision is like goofing the gears of your garrison, becoming crippled and caged and corked like a widowed wine without fragrance. Life can only be tasted and tongued through the dream that daintily dons the senses.


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Lost and Longing Print

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